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Liposuction is the procedure of vacuuming and removing the fat by means of thin cannulae. Contrary to what is commonly known in the society, this operation is not performed for losing weight but is performed for shaping the body lines. In case the person is considering weight loss, the operation should be postponed for some time because local fat deposits may be seen in some regions after weight loss. The purpose of liposuction is to remove especially local fat deposits. Rapid weight gain-loss after the operation can cause a lumpy bumpy appearance in the operation region.

Liposuction Operation

General anaesthesia is preferred but abdominal and leg regions are numbed by spinal or epidural anaesthesia, which is also used in caesarean delivery, may be sufficient for some patients. Duration of the liposuction operation varies according to the number of zones (such as abdomen, waist, and hip) and the amount of fat deposition. Fat removal through vacuuming is realized through small incisions (as wide as the liposuction cannulae can enter, between 2 and 6 mm) to be made in the vicinity of the fat area. A special liquid is injected prior to the procedure in order to minimize the subcutaneous bleeding and pain during fat removal.

After the fat removal operation, a special corset is put on at the end of the operation.

Post operation period is usually smooth with the use of effective pain relievers. An amount of the fluids supplied during the operation can leak out of the entry openings of the cannulae. In case the patient receives general anaesthesia, he/she is required to stay in the hospital for one night.

Following the operation, the person may resume his/her daily activities from the second day onwards. The use of the corset will be told to you by your doctor but it must be used for at least 4-6 weeks. The corset is very effective in preventing the surface irregularities, which can be called as waviness, in the operation area.

Bathing is allowed on the 3rd day of the fat removal operation; however, heavy exercises together with sauna and solarium should be avoided for 6 weeks.

About the Liposuction Operation

  • According to the person’s body weight and structure, an average of 2-5 litres of fat is drained.
  • Weight loss should not be expected in the early period due to oedema after the liposuction operation.
  • The most important complication of the liposuction operation is fat embolism and as told under early abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) title, the risk is minimized with early movement and necessary medical measures.
  • Repetitive liposuction operations can be performed with 4-6 months intervals.
  • The lower part of the jaw, which we call double chin, breast sides, belly, hip, thigh and buttocks sections are the most common surgical areas and ankle slimming can also be performed if appropriate.
  • In cases where skin elasticity is low, excessive liposuction may cause sagging of the skin. To avoid this, it is useful to follow your doctor’s recommendations.

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