Ben Aldırma Ameliyatı ve Tedavisi - Doç. Dr. Burhan Özalp - İstanbul ve Diyarbakır Plastik, Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi Uzmanı


Formations of nevus, or known as mole colloquially, are lesions, which are generally in brown or black tones but can also be colourless. They may be at the same level with the skin or may be swollen. The type that is colloquially known as moles are swollen and colourless nevi.  Some of the nevi are the precursors to skin cancer and their removal through nevus removal operations is critical in terms of health.

Recent growth, colour change, bleeding, and open wound formation can be mentioned among the precursors of such a situation. On the other hand, abnormally placed nevi as in the eyelid should be removed in case of exposure to continuous irritation, as is the case in the scalp or in the underwear area.

Apart from these, the person may request nevus removal only because they are not aesthetic. Almost all of the nevi can be surgically removed under local anaesthesia. Following the nevus removal operation, the area of the removal usually recovers leaving a vague scar. It will be useful to refer to pathology, if evaluated as necessary.


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